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Time Out Tips


Time-Out Tips

By Judy Crawford


Definition:  A Time-Out is anything that lifts your spirit and adjusts your attitude in a positive way.

Isn't that why we send our kids to their rooms in the first place...

To positively adjust their attitudes.

The following tips will help you adjust your attitude right back to where it should be.  ENJOY!


1.  Nurture Your Spirit 

Organize a devotional basket with some Quiet Time supplies.  Include:  a Bible, a devotional book (I’ve heard that Time-Out for Tired Moms is a great resource!  I couldn’t resist!), tissues, prayer journal, pen, and note cards to write down your favorite verses.  Place these items in a cute basket so that they are readily available.  Next time your kids are quietly occupying themselves, grab your basket and go to your room to enjoy your own quiet time-out with God.


2.  Take Ten 

This is a literal time-out.  For a short time go someplace by yourself.  Hide in the closet or bathroom---wherever your family can’t find you and just breathe in the serenity of the moment.  Now don’t forget--you must go back--you can’t hide forever.  But for a short time, take ten and enjoy some literal time-out. 


3.  Pamper and Indulge

Calgone, take me away!  We’ve seen the ad, but do we really take the time to do it.  Today, take some time-out to pamper and indulge: enjoy a good hot soak, splurge on good chocolate, relax over a cup of hot tea, or simply read something other than Dr. Suess.  Take care of the care-giver!  Go ahead Mom, spoil yourself!


4.  Beauty and Order

Unfortunately, chaos seems to be status quoi when kids are little.  Today, lift your spirit by adding beauty and order to your surroundings:  light the candles, brighten the room with flowers, clean out the closet, pop in your favorite CD.   Do simple things to add beauty and order to your home and then enjoy it before your kids discover what you’ve been up to.


5.  Create

The to-do list of a Mother seems to be forever undone.  Today, take some time-out to create something that stays done:  craft, scrap-book, sew, cook (that is... cooking for fun!).  Make something that doesn’t involve play-dough or finger paints and then be sure to share it, “Hey honey, look what I did today!


6.  Work Those Muscles

Yes, I am referring to exercise.  Break a sweat!  Work-out your intellectual muscles as well:  take a class, research a topic, do aerobics, walk or run.  Work out your mind and body and enjoy a time-out that not only gives you a break, but produces positive results at the same time.


7.  Stay Connected

Mothering can be a very lonely job.  I know this sounds ridiculous when you have multiple children attached to various parts of your body at any given time.  But it’s true!  And although we love our men, they really can only handle so many spoken words in a given day.  That is why we need women!  Stay connected with your female friends:  e-mail, phone a friend, write a real letter, join a Mom’s group, be a friend.  Nourish your friendships and they will nourish you.


8.  Pursue the Dream

The dream!  We all have one, even you Mom.  Take some time-out to pursue your dream:  identify the dream, take inventory of your talents, research it, and then simply start.  You are Mom and so much more.  Today, cultivate your talents and then take some baby steps to pursue your dream.     



Incorporate the above time-out tips into the everydayness of Mothering and see how your attitude will begin to turn those 180 degrees back to where it should be.


Go ahead Mom, Enjoy some Time-Out! 




Excerpts taken from

Time-Out for Tired Moms by Judy Crawford. 

Ambassador International

Copyright 2008 

All rights reserved



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