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Time-Out for Tired Moms:

finally Mom, go to your room!

The one book every Tired Moms needs...

Check it out...


Time-Out for Tired Moms:

finally Mom, go to your room!


Ambassador International 2008


Price:  $11.99

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 Mom, Are You Tired?

Tired of Laundry!

Tired of Multi-tasking!

Tired of Boys Belching in the Backseat of Your Mini-Van!


Have you ever sent your kids to their rooms for a Time-Out and wondered…

When is it MY TURN?!


Well Today, it is Finally Your Turn to GO TO YOUR ROOM!


In Judy’s first book, Time-Out for Tired Moms, you will find the AAAAHHHH that you so desperately need!

This eight week devotional is just the book to lift your spirit, lighten your load, and cause you to Laugh-Out-Loud!  What Mom doesn’t need a good dose of that!


Eight distinctive Time-Out categories highlight creative ways you can incorporate time-out into the everydayness of Mothering.

Daily Devotionals draw you closer to God, the true refresher of a Mother’s soul!


So sit back and enjoy!


Today Mom, it is finally Your Turn to GO TO YOUR ROOM!

What are Moms Saying...

I'm enjoying Judy's book so much.  Despite the ups and downs of daily life at home with little ones, she finds joy and meaning in God's Word.  Her stories make me laugh and then think to myself, "This mothering gig really is a lot of work sometimes--no wonder I'm tired at bedtime" and then she sprinkles just the right encouragement from Scripture, so I remember that my work is not in vain, and that raising children in the Lord is a high calling. 

Writes Sarah from Indiana


It could have been titled "Time-out for a good laugh out loud!" Judy Crawford delightfully combines real-life situations where all Moms have found themselves, masterfully intermingles them with practical insights as to how to apply God's principles to resolve them, and goes a step further by giving us Bible texts to guide us into a new realm of possibilities for loving on our children. For a busy Mom who doesn't think she has enough time to read this, she needs to think again! She will be rejuvenated and invigorated by taking this important time out from her busy schedule!

Julie Baker

Founder and President of TimeOut for Women!

Author of TimeOut for Prayer and TimeOut for Holiness at Home (Cook)


Time-Out for Tired Moms provides a light-hearted, yet thought-provoking time for Mom's to focus on refreshing and refocusing their hectic lives as the"do-it-all" for their family.  Judy's experiences bring back our own memories of similar times and help us catch a fresh vision of how we think and feel about ourselves and our calling as a Mom. Her informal chat-oriented devotionals immediately draw us into the thought she is attempting to convey as she shares her insights about God's plan for Moms.  Each devotion can be read and meditated upon in about 30 minutes which is about all a busy Mom can take for herself.  Her weekly activity ideas inspire and provide additional input for Moms to become all God has planned for her to be.  I heartily recommend this book for Mom's with children of all ages.

I can also recommend Judy as a speaker, having heard her many times.  She has the ability to connect with her audience quickly and can help each of us draw closer to our family and our God through her humor and insight.  She writes likes she speaks, so if you would like a glimpse of her speaking style, read her book!

Writes Susan
from Auxvasse, MO

What are Reviewers Saying...

The hectic endless frenzy of raising pre-pubescent children - when is there a break?  Time-Out for Tired Moms:  Finally Mom, Go to Your Room! is a guide for mothers who are at the end of their ropes in exhaustion.  Stating eight specific time out strategies to help mothers regain their sanity without sacrificing the tender loving care their children deserve, it's a must read for any mother who has began to feel the wear and tear of motherhood.  Time-Out for Tired Moms:  Finally Mom, Go to Your Room! is an essential pick up for community library parenting shelves.
Midwest Book Review, June, 2008

It's a good thing Judy Crawford isn't perfect.  Her book, Time-Out for Tired Moms, wouldn't be nearly as endearing if she where. 
Crawford's light-hearted look at the not-so-glamorous world of a stay-at-home mom is a candid view of the unvarnished truth:  Some day's motherhood just isn't very pretty.  Yes, your child will rinse his toothbrush in the toilet bowl.  Yes, you will resort to tossing suckers to the back of the van in exchange for a few minutes of peaceful driving.  You may even misplace your child in the grocery aisles.  There will be meltdowns.  Most days your clothing is littered with body fluids.  And the laundry never stops.  The 43-year-old mother of four says she often found herself wondering "What Would Jesus Do" if he were a mother.  Turning to her Bible, she says she found the answer:  He went off to a quiet place - a time-out, if you will - and it made him more compassionate.  What works for Jesus can work for you, she says; it's time to take a time-out.  Arranged as a series of quick reads, Time-Out for Tired Moms offers up a healthy dose of humor, understanding and Christian insight from a fellow seeker stumbling along the same path.  Each entry can be read in 10-minute increments, even if that reading takes place in a locked bathroom as sticky little toddler hands wiggle their way under the door. 
by Kathy Casteel, Inside Columbia Magazine, May, 2008

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