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Judy speaks on a wide variety of topics and would welcome the opportunity to present one of her messages to the women at your church, group meeting, ladies banquet, mother/daughter tea… whatever your need might be.  Although Judy’s wacky wit may not always be very grounded, her topics are…all of her presentations are based on Biblical truth, seasoned with humor, and sautéed with a passion that is sure to warm the heart of any audience.  Please check out the topics listed below and then contact her to speak at your next event.

Topics for Moms

Time-Out for Tired Moms
Finally Mom, GO TO YOUR ROOM!
Let's face it.  Moms everywhere are tired.  We are tired of laundry, tired of cooking, tired of boys belching in the backseat of our mini-vans.  We send our children to their rooms and wonder, When is it my turn?  Well Mom, finally it's your turn to GO TO YOUR ROOM!  This informative narrative outlines eight tips that offer hope for the harried Mom as she seeks to rejuvenate her mind, body, and spirit with a much needed Time-Out.

We are Family!
Making Memories with Family Bonding Activities
"What do I do with these kids?"  Every Mom has asked herself this question at one time or another.  Along with every other occupation on the planet, Mom also needs to be the activity planner, coordinator, and memory making facilitator of the family.  Which leads us back to our original question, "What do I do with these kids?"  This activity packed presentation answers that question plus so much more.  Be ready to take a few notes, this fun filled presentation is sure to get your creative juices flowing as we discuss how to make family memories that will live in the hearts of your children for a lifetime. 

Just Give Me a Little P__ce?!
Peace for Mom When There Aren't Any Pieces Left
  That's all we want is just a little Peace!  Is that really too much to ask?  Our kids, however, who have yet to learn how to spell also want a little Piece...a Piece of Mom that is, when there are really only so many Pieces left to go around.  Can't we keep a Piece for ourselves?  This playful presentation explores eight Pieces of Peace.  By incorporating each into your life, you CAN enjoy a little Peace all while giving away your Pieces.

The To--Do Trap
Busyness seems to be a virtue in today's fast paced eat-on-the-go society.  The pressure is on to do more and more and we buy right into it overbooking ourselves and our children.  We race from one task to the next, checking off our to-do list as we go, only to realize at the end of the day that the real to-dos of Mothering have been overlooked.  How did we get here and is there a way out?  These questions will be explored as we honestly evaluate our to-do lists and climb out of the to-do trap together.

Meaning in the Mundane
Grasping the Bigger Parenting Picture
Laundry, dinner, dishes...laundry, dinner, dishes...  Does it every end?  The monotony of the everydayness of Mothering is enough to get anyone discouraged.  Is there meaning in the mundane-ness of it all?  Yes there is!  This encouraging presentation highlights five "P"-ses of purpose that when put together much like a puzzle, help Moms grasp the Bigger Parenting Picture, the real purpose in all we do.

More Than Mommy!
Discovering the Woman God Intends for You to Be
I thirsty, Mom!  Mom...!  Mommy!  MOM!  Mothering simply consumes our days.  Amidst kissing boo boos and changing diapers we begin to wonder, Is Mom all I am or all I'll ever be?  The B.C. (Before Children) woman seems to be a faint memory.  Is she still there with all her hopes and dreams?  God has a plan for each of us.  Yes, it includes Mommy and so much more.  This inspiring topic explores seven steps to discovering the woman God intends for you to be.

Company's Coming
A Cheater's Guide to Good Housekeeping
The door bell rings and panic kicks in.  As you hastily make your way to the door you quickly survey the room to determine just how far you can open it.  Let's be honest, we've all been there.  The sad thing is that often the untidiness of our home prevents us from welcoming company.  So instead, we just don't go there.  But, in order to have friends you need to first be a friend which means opening up your home regardless of how it looks.  This humorous presentation highlights seven cheater's steps to making your home presentable and the three coordinating rules of engagement.  Of course this topic wouldn't be complete without a little housekeeping of the heart.  Laugh and learn through this engaging presentation that outlines how to prepare your heart and home when the door bell rings.

Digging for Gold in the Not-So-Golden Years
A birthday party treasure hunt inspired the question:  "Where is the gold in these not-so-golden years of Mothering?"  Sometimes, amidst the monotonous caring of young ones it's difficult to find the glimmer of gold in our lives.  Moms, don't despair!  There is treasure to be found in these years of spit up and crusty kitchen floors, we just need to have eyes to see and an open heart to embrace it.

The Mommy Melt-Down:  Lifelines to Peace and Joy
We've all been there at one time or another.  Your potty training toddler lets loose on the carpet; your older child begins to squabble just as you are trying to fix dinner and then the phone rings.  Something inside you snaps and Mommy begins to melt.  Only instead of melting away like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz we melt into the witch and everyone better watch out!  We try to hide these vulnerable Mothering moments.  But the truth is they happen.  Moms need to know that they are not alone in this struggle and there is hope.  Lifelines give practical tools to avoid the Mommy Meltdown.

Real Life...Real Answers  
Raising Kids God's Way
Although Judy and her husband, Gary, may not be perfect parents, they both personally know someone who is.  As they together have raised four children from toddler to teen and everything in-between they have learned a few lessons along the way about raising kids God's way.  Come laugh and learn in this stimulating workshop as Judy shares about their Real Life and the Real Answers they have found in God's Word. 

All You Need is Love! 
...and wet wipes and diapers and that special blankie and...
Love!  Is that really all you need to Mother your children?  Well, no!  As we all know it takes a lot to raise children in today's world.  It takes patience, perseverance, a really good pediatrician and yes, that perfect pacifier...the list goes on and on.  But, when you boil it all down we quickly discover that at the root of everything a Mother does is, in fact, Love.  Everything else flows from this singular source, Love.  This inspirational presentation explores the many facets of a Mother's love.  It also offers insight into how we can better reflect God's love into the hearts of our children which in the end...is all you really need!   

Topics for All Women

The "Purse"-onality of a Godly Woman
-onality!  Yes, ladies, we all have one.  Discover how the style of your purse reveals humorous personality traits in this enlightening presentation.  Seven essentials inside a woman's purse are highlighted.  Each offers wisdom and insight into the personality of a Godly Woman.  This topic is sure to tickle and teach.

The Feminine Fragrance of a Life Pleasing to God
Have you ever hugged someone that was wearing a little too much perfume and walked away smelling of her scent?  Each one of us has a fragrance, an aura about us that reveals who we are.  2 Corinthians 2:15 reads, "For we are to God the aroma of Christ..."  When your life intersects with others, will they be refreshed with the "aroma of Christ?"  This pleasing presentation outlines four ingredients that you can add to your bottle of perfume so you can live a fragrant life that is pleasing to God. 

Being a Bloomer in the Garden of Life
What does it mean to be a bloomer?  When flowers bloom, they not only look pretty, they add beauty.  God calls each of us to bloom, to add beauty to every life we touch by using our gifts to serve Him.  But, as any good gardener knows, a flower needs to be carefully tended and nurtured to achieve maximum results and that takes work.  To be a bloomer, we too must tend our spiritual garden in order to achieve our fullest bloom.  This inspirational presentation offers four gardening tips that will help you become a bloomer in your garden of life.

God Measures the Heart
When you meet someone new, what is the first thing you check out?  Her hair, her make-up, her clothes, her purse...  First impressions are generally made by a woman's looks, by her outward appearance.  But as 1 Samuel 16:7 explains, "Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart."  God, on the other hand, measures the heart.  This touching topic explores the various measures of the heart that when added together equal a love beyond measure.

Footprints in the Sand.
Seven Steps to Walking with Jesus
What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Footprints in the Sand?  Yes, the poem by the same name.  How comforting to know that the Lord carries us through the difficult times in our lives.  But, what about the walk...what does it mean to walk with Jesus side by side holding his hand, two sets of footprints in the sand?  This stirring presentation explores seven different types of steps, seven ways to walk with Jesus.  Each step challenges each of us to make our walk count and leave behind an impression that lasts forever.

Topics for Women's Retreats

Stepping Out of the Boat: 
Living the Radical Life for Jesus
This multi-session retreat challenges women to step out of their comfort zones and instead embrace the exciting adventurous life on the edge that God has called us to live.  Each of the three dynamic 40 minute sessions passionately demonstrate how God calls us to a deeper walk with Him, a life that has meaning and purpose, a life that is Radical in today's world.  When He stands on the water inviting us to come join Him (just like Jesus did with Peter in the Bible), we too need to step out of our boats so we can be W.O.Wed (Walk On Water) with Him.

Romanced:  Let the Wooing Begin...
Romance...a women's deepest desire.  Romance...the longing of our hearts.  Yes, we all want to be romanced...to be loved completely and unconditional, and to feel our inner beauty blossom with that love.  Romance.  It is at the core of every woman, her heart's desire, the very essence of her being.  What we often fail to realize is that the wooing has already begun.  God has wooed us for years, every since we were little girls---and even now as women, He is wooing us still.  This two part retreat explores the wellspring of a woman's heart, revealing her deep inner beauty, and how God pursues a passionate abiding love relationship with us.  Yes, this topic might get a bit HOT!  But, that's exactly what Christ desires of us.  Our relationship with Him really is a love affair.

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“No matter the topic, Judy’s talks are entertaining, informative and inspirational!”

writes Sara from Jefferson City, MO

“What a beautiful message.”

writes Julie from Dardenne Prairie, MO

“God has blessed you with a heart for Moms--Thank you for sharing it with us.”

writes Lynne from Jefferson City, MO

"A great positive perspective on today's Mother - Thank you so much!"
writes Janet from Thompson, MO

“Love your tips!  Thanks for the ideas and delivering it with great fun and humor.”

writes Lisa from Dardenne Prairie, MO

“How exciting and wonderful.  A clean heart, a clean mind, a clean house.  With God in our heart everything else falls into place.”

writes Susanne from Chesterfield, MO


"Judy - Thank you so much for sharing with us!  You are an amazing woman of God!  I am so blessed by you!  You did a great job."
writes Amanda from Warrensburg MOPS

“Really gives you perspective!”

writes Betsy from Dardenne Prairie, MO

“Very informative, uplifting—gave me some things to think about.”

writes Debbie, King of Kings MOPS leader


“Judy, you always seem to relate to us so well.  It’s as if you’ve walked in the same shoes as us this morning.”

writes Angie from Capital City Christian MOPS

“Each of the three times that I have hear you at our MOPS group.  I have been entertained and inspired to be a better Mom.  Thank you!"

writes Jill from Jefferson City, MO


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